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recon-marketing - the successful media representative

What can we do for you?

We offer our various contacts to com­panies, media agencies, advertising agencies and to advertising and personnel departments

•   Our sales force is well trained and highly motivated
•   Our tasks range from the selling of ads to the confirmation of orders and the writing of the invoices for the ads

How do we work for you?

•   We identify the target groups for the publications 
•   For the publications we represent we select the companies to be addressed
•   We build a firm relationship between the customer and the publication
•   We attach great importance to a trusting relationship between recon and your firm


•   Bauknecht, Berlin Fair,
•   Deutsche Bahn,
•   EnBW (Energy),
•   Federal Ministery of Economy
•   KPMG,
•   Leipzig Fair, Liebherr,
•   Minol, MVV Energie
•   Vattenfall, Voith Turbo,
•   Wuestenrot (Finance) 
and many more